Jess L

Cranford, NJ

fitness trainer client

Jess is someone who becomes bored of the gym VERY easily. She’d get into a new year fitness kick, get sick of staring at the treadmill tv screen and eventually stop coming. She needed something different.

Jess and I sat down and had a conversation about what she was looking to get out of personal training. We took a look at her starting point, set some goals up and went to work building a program based on her goals.

Most importantly, we had fun. There were times we were both laughing so hard I thought one of us was going to pass out! Keep up the good work Jess.

I started working with Zack when I wanted to get out of my workout funk. For the last 5 years, on and off, I’d walk into the gym do same cardio and a couple machines. Zack listened to the goals I wanted to achieve and produced a customized workout plan that not only fit my needs, but pushed me just enough to get out of my comfort zone. He makes training with him fun and knows how to encourage his clients to reach their desired results. I’ve learned so much more about how to use various machines properly, how to target certain areas of the body with various weight exercises, and that working-out can actually be fun (who knew). If you are looking for a trainer that is genuinely interested in your seeing you progress into your best self yet, Zack is your guy!

Jocelyn H

Union, NJ

personal training client

Jocelyn came to me after recovering from a back injury and managing an underactive thyroid. She had already lost 30lbs on her own and needed some guidance to progress further. Health, looks and strength were her goals, so we built an exercise program around it.

After a few months of training, Jocelyn went from dropping pots and pans due to weak grip strength, to doing pushups and lifting almost her body weight. We worked around her various injuries and limitations, and eventually they were no longer problematic.

We got Jocelyn to a point where she felt comfortable exercising on her own, and after personal training she continues to excel towards her fitness goals. Jocelyn is now competing in powerlifting, has made SIGNIFICANT progress and looks DAMN good.

“At 36, I wanted to be healthier, look fit and feel stronger. After recovering from two herniated discs, managing a thyroid issue and losing 30 lbs on my own, I still needed help to achieve my goals but had no clue where to start. That’s when I started training with Zack Miller in June 2014. I had a lot of fears and concerns about my back, lifting heavy and just my overall limitations. Zack led me every step of the way, teaching me about proper form, how muscles work and the importance of muscle awareness when lifting. He took the time to educate me about macronutrients and understanding how they work in conjunction with training. This information changed the way I eat and my relationship with food (it’s a good one now, I’m not afraid to eat a lot…something a lot of women will understand).

I also had to deal with personal issues that led to set-backs in my progress but one of the great benefits of having a trainer, was that he adapted my program to help me get back to where I was. Zack’s knowledge and guidance gave me the confidence I needed to take on new exercises, and the results have been great so far. My continuing transformation and Zack’s personal passion for fitness has inspired me to do more than just lift weights and burn fat. I’ve changed my entire lifestyle, the way I live, I eat, I think. I’ve been considering about entering fitness and strength competitions in the future. I love the way I feel after working out so much. I’ve never felt better about myself and I’ve never looked better either! ”

Amanda B

Union County, NJ

personal training testimonial

Amanda is an athletic trainer and is already very knowledgeable in various aspects of health, fitness and self-care. After having surgery for a torn labrum in one of her hips, she was a bit cautious of certain exercises she had done regularly in the past. Her bench press technique also needed some work.

We worked together on finding some exercises that she could perform comfortably, and structured them into a program that reflected her goals. After she was confident with how her program worked, she went back to training on her own.

I first became interested in personal training when Zack had offered to help me correct my form. After I saw what great pointers he had to offer, I decided that I would give personal training a try. When I began personal training sessions with Zack, my main fitness goals were to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass, do a pull-up, and increase overall upper body strength. With my Zack’s special attention to detail, he was able to help me perfect specific exercises I had done previously and add new ones into my exercise program to help me attain my fitness goals. In each session I had with Zack, he was very enthusiastic and passionate about helping me learn new exercises. I am very happy with the results I have seen so far from the exercise program he designed for me. Zack was a pleasure to work with.”

Evelyn Z

Westfield, NJ

westfield personal training

Evelyn is a marathon runner and was interested in building some muscle to improve her physique. She has scoliosis so certain exercises weren’t optimal for her body – we worked around this and chose exercises that fit her body better. She also has ADD, so staying focus was a primary objective for her training.

Immediately we worked on finding a balance between running, resistance exercise and diet. This way, Evelyn could support her new goals of gaining more muscle and still run distance. Within three months of personal training, Evelyn felt stronger and achieved the tone look she was after. Go Evelyn!

Zack has been instrumental in keeping me motivated and committed to making healthy changes. He helped me to develop a plan that is focused on real and attainable goals. He is great at keeping me on track. Zack is good about following up with me if I forget that I’ve scheduled an appointment. He understands that my work schedule is unpredictable and he is good about trying to accommodate me. I am a runner, therefore strength training is a new experience. With Zack’s strategic workout plan, I have seen an increase in the amount of weight I can lift. I also have a better understanding about the importance of nutrition, the amount of time it will take to see an increase in muscle, and the different muscle groups.

Zack is very good at explaining how the machines work, how to use them appropriately, and what body part they are working. Zack offers an alternative means  of working the same muscle if I am uncomfortable with a particular exercise. He is in tune with any discomfort I may be experiencing as to prevent injury. Overall it has been a positive experience, and Zack has definitely been instrumental in my continued commitment to stay healthy.

Mary M

Cranford, NJ

personal training client

Mary had worked with several trainers in the past and already had a pretty good idea of how to perform a lot of different exercises by the time she came to me. She wasn’t exactly looking for guidance or a super strict exercise program. Mary wanted someone to make exercise more fun.

She used to forget her notebook on purpose which was frustrating, but we still got our work done. Mary always had a ridiculous story to tell with the intent out slowing down our training sessions. As funny as they were, after I stopped laughing we’d move right into the next exercise.

Mary was definitely my “class clown”, and she should definitely move back from New York so we can train again.

My favorite part of training was that I always knew that Zack would find a way to make me laugh and smile no matter how hard the work day was! Zack always accommodated my goals and individual needs, especially when I broke my wrist. He found creative ways to continue to work my back and arms without twisting my wrist. I would recommend Zack to EVERYONE I know. He’s smart, funny, knowledgeable, well-rounded, understanding, and tough but has your best interest in mind.”

Lisa G

Clark, NJ

clark personal training

Lisa contact me because she wanted to look good on the most important dress she’ll ever wear – her wedding dress. Because her dress was strapless and she was pretty content with how her legs looked, we got to work on an exercise program that would make her top half look the way she wanted on her special day. Lisa saw tremendous progress and was VERY satisfied with the end result.

Every few weeks Lisa needed to get her dress tapered. It was funny, because she was SO excited with the results, but so bent out of shape about the frequent need for a tailor. I remember her saying, “My body is like, YAAAAY!! But my pockets are like “NOOO!!” Lisa deemed herself my favorite personal training client of all time. (Our sessions were a lot of fun).

Zack was my trainer before my wedding & he was fantastic. He has a great sense of humor & is knowledgeable. He provided insight behind each training move, but also kept it fun & light (well, not with the weight that is!)

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