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If you’ve ever been to Cranford, you know this  new jersey town is known for its small businesses. Mom-and-pop shops and restaurants thrive in this family friendly community. Most of the residents are extremely healthy and on a beautiful day can be seen running or taking their dogs for a long walk. In addition to their constant exercise (personal training in cranford, running or walking, going to the gym, etc.), they also know where to go to eat healthy meals.

Restaurants In Cranford NJ

The Cranford Hotel Restaurant & Pub

cranford hotel NJ

The Cranford Hotel Restaurant & Pub is one of the most popular places to eat in Cranford. During the summer time, residents are able to sit outside, appreciate the weather, and enjoy the tasty food. Here are some of the favorite meals from local residents that are served all year round:

  • Warm Toasted Farro Salad includes butternut squash, braised kale, parmesan, sunflower seeds, fresh herbs, and a pomegranate vinaigrette. This meal consists of true power foods and is a low $10. The meal is absolutely worth it.
  • Baby Arugula & Green Apple Salad has crumbled bleu cheese, roasted walnuts, and an apple cider-dijon vinaigrette. For only $11, the residents of Cranford go crazy for this one!
  • Kale & Garbanzo Bean Salad ($11) is made up of roasted red peppers, black olives, feta cheese, and pickled red onions with a lemon-garlic vinaigrette. This meal also has a whole lot of nutrient dense vegetables to nourish your muscles.
  • Grilled Vegetable Salad ($11) contains mixed greens, eggplant, zucchini, squash, and roasted red peppers with a red wine vinaigrette.

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The Kilkenny House Restaurant & Pub

kilkenny house in cranford

The Kilkenny House is a fun local bar and restaurant that has a great atmosphere and live music. If residents are trying to eat healthy with their friends, they have some delicious options.

  • Corrig Spinach Salad ($11) consists of baby spinach with cranberries, goat cheese, caramelized walnuts, carrots, roasted peppers, onions and honey balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Ginger Salmon ($22) is comprised of honey and ginger glazed salmon served with saffron rice, orange beurre blanc and vegetables.
  • NY Strip Steak ($24) is made up of a 12 ounce ny strip steak with roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Urban Burger

urban burger in cranford

The Urban Burger is known for their delicious burgers. When dieting, “hold the bun” is a common phrase that they’re used to hearing and also switching the beef patty for a turkey patty. The best part about this restaurant is that they will also swap out the side of fries for a salad free of charge. They do offer a large range of toppings for every burger, including healthy ones such as avocado, egg, lettuce, and tomato. When hunger strikes and burger cravings occur, swap the fries for salad, hold the bun, get a turkey burger, add some avocado and have a delicious healthy meal.

Mizu Sushi

sushi in cranford

Last but certainly not least, Mizu Sushi is one of the best Japanese restaurants in central New Jersey – “best sushi around”. If trying to eat healthy, be careful of certain foods with too much sauce or sodium, which can add extra calories or any item. Also, avoid items that have the word ‘tempura’ in them because they will be fried. The healthiest items on the menu are any of the fish rolls (less the fried fish) and the vegetable rolls.

There you have it! Places in cranford with healthy menu options to compliment your fitness goals. Remember, if you’re trying to lose weight and working with a personal trainer or exercising on your own, calories count. Order dressing on the side and use it sparingly. For bigger menu options, try bring half of your food home with you and having leftovers for lunch the next day. Use these strategies and you’ll still be able to have a social life while dieting. Let’s face it, cooking the same food all of the time can get boring.

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