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If you’ve ever been to Cranford,you’ll  know this small town in New Jersey is known for their family friendly community. Residents are exceptionally healthy and on any beautiful day, can be seen running or taking their dogs for a long walk down the scenic streets. In addition to the picturesque walks, there are multiple locations for residents to work out or get a run in. If you’ve tried working with a personal trainer in cranford, try visiting some of these parks to stay active and compliment your fitness goals.

Parks In Cranford NJ

Nomahegan Park

nomahegan park cranford NJ

One of the most beautiful places to go is Nomahegan Park. The park has multiple entrances with the most off of Cranford’s Springfield Avenue. Accompanied by a full soccer field, there are two baseball fields which anyone can use when a game isn’t in session. Through the entire park is a large lake with a wrap-around trail. Along the trail are benches, where residents can sit and take a break from their long runs and walks. As most residents of Cranford own dogs, it is absolutely acceptable to bring their furry friends on a run or a walk. The dogs love the fresh green grass to roll around in and play regulated catch with their owner.

Lincoln Park

lincoln park cranford nj

If any residents enjoy the sport of basketball, Lincoln Park is a great local spot to go play. It is located at the corner of Lincoln Ave E & S Union Ave. The park is fully equipped with four basketball hoops. It is a great court for couples to play one on one, a friendly game of horse, or for groups of friends to competitively challenge each other. In addition to basketball, Sherman Park is the place to go to play some soccer. It is located on Lincoln Ave. between Denman Rd. and Walnut Ave. Also, the Cranford Lacrosse team practices and has games at this park.

Cranford Canoe Club

cranford canoe club nj

If residents are looking for something a little out of the ordinary to do, they can take a ride to the Cranford Canoe Club. It’s located at 250 Springfield Avenue. They supply life vests and paddles in addition to the canoes and kayaks. It costs $25 for two hours of padding and the fun with your friends and family are free! They have fourth of July canoe races every year for Cranford residents. The residents love this place and go multiple times per year. They even let you bring your dog on the canoe or kayak with you, which is great for all of the dog lovers. The owners that run the joint are beloved by the town for offering a friendly place to hang out and get some exercise in.

There you have it! Places in Cranford you can be active and healthy. If you’re trying to lose weight and working with an online personal trainer or exercising on your own, exercise is a great way to get the scale moving.

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