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You can find the township of Clark off of exit 135 on the Garden State Parkway. Clark is home to many corporate businesses and family owned restaurants. If you work in Clark, live in town or in the surround area, you can enjoy going out to eat with friends and still maintain a low calorie diet. Remember, we’re trying to make a lifestyle change. What kind of lifestyle doesn’t allow you to eat out every once in a while?

A good personal trainer understands that life still exists outside of personal training. However, there is still a need for a balance between life and your current and future fitness goals. Among the many restaurants in Clark, the most popular places to head to for lunch or dinner are Paragon Tap and Table, Molly Maquire’s, and the famous Chili’s.

Restaurants In Clark NJ

Paragon Tap And Table

paragon clark nj

Paragon Tap and Table is located on 77 Central Avenue in Clark, New Jersey in the same shopping center as Target and Marshall’s. It’s a little more upscale than a bar making it the perfect location for corporate employees to come and enjoy a meal after a long day of work. When being the only one dieting in a group of people, it can be hard to resist high calorie food options. It’s important to keep your focus on eating healthy and usually best to go with a salad option. The Tuscan Kale Salad ($9) includes kale, white beans, marinated Artichoke, roasted tomato & herb garlic vinaigrette. If you want extra protein, you can always add grilled chicken to it. The Chinatown Salad ($14) consists of shredded chicken, shredded Napa cabbage, carrots, edamame, red cabbage, scallions, and fried noodles with sesame ginger dressing but dieters should hold the fried noodles. If you’re not in the mood for a large meal, the Wedge Salad ($11) is a great way to get in all the key nutrients with its iceberg lettuce, onions, tomatoes, bacon, and blue cheese.

Molly Maguire’s

molly maguires clark

Molly Maguire’s is a delicious Irish pub is located on 1085 Central Avenue in Clark, New Jersey next to Goodyear Auto Service Center. They serve authentic Irish food but if you’re on a diet, there are some healthy options. The Mandarin Salad ($9) is comprised of mesclun greens, tangerine slices and chopped walnuts in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The Cobb Salad ($13) is made up of crisp romaine topped with grilled chicken, roasted peppers, avocado, bleu cheese, smoked bacon, red onions & choice of dressing, which the best would be olive oil and vinegar. The Pork Tenderloin ($18) includes broiled pork tenderloin with an apple cider reduction served with sweet potato hash.


This well-known chain restaurant is located on 225 Central Avenue in Clark, New Jersey in the same shopping center as Barnes and Noble. Although Chili’s is commonly known for their high calorie entrees, they do offer delicious low calorie alternatives. The Mango-Chile Chicken (or Tilapia) is seasoned with 6-pepper blend, then drizzled with spicy habanero mango glaze and topped with chopped mango, cilantro, house-made pico de gallo and fresh diced sliced avocado. It is also served with citrus-chile rice and steamed broccoli. The 6 oz. Classic Sirloin with Grilled Avocado is 100% USDA Choice sirloin with Chili’s seasoning, drizzled with spicy citrus-chile sauce, topped with grilled avocado slices, garlic roasted tomatoes and chopped cilantro. It is also served with the scrumptious fresco salad. The Pasilla Chile Chicken (Grilled) has chicken breast topped with a smoky pasilla-honey chile sauce and house-made corn and black bean salsa. It is also served with warm quinoa & wheatberry blend and steamed broccoli.

If you’re working diligently to weight loss goal, remember to focuse when you’re at any of the above restaurants in Clark. I like to advise my personal training clients to order water instead of beer or wine, and to take it have diet soda instead of regular. Having fun is an important part of moving towards your goals, but it comes secondary to staying focused! If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Clark, Tone Body Fitness is conveniently located down South Ave. at Strength and Fitness Club. If you aren’t local to clark and would still like some help, check out online personal fitness coaching. I can help you get stronger and become more healthy.
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