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When it’s nice out, you should be able to enjoy wearing your favorite bathing suits without having to worry about a “muffin top” getting in the way. We’ve all been there, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you need to wear clothes over your bathing suit.

These 3 tips will help steer you in the right direction, so you can confidently show your abs, not flab, on the beach.

1. Stop Doing Strictly Ab Workouts

Crunches, planks and all of the ab exercises in the world will do nothing if they make up the bulk of your exercise routine.

The biggest mistake I see people making with their time in the gym, is doing too many ab exercises.

If your goal is to have a flat stomach, it doesn’t matter how developed your ab muscles are if there’s a solid layer of fat sitting on top of them.

Your goal instead, should be to focus on building up other muscles.

2. Make Your Waist Look Smaller

By make your butt, legs, back and shoulders look more tone, you’ll make your waist look smaller.

At least, this was the case with one of my clients, Kerlanta. She added 3 inches to her hips, and 2.5 inches to her shoulder. The results was an “hourglass” physique, which made her waist look smaller.

3. Get A Structured Exercise Program

Results don’t just happen by accident. Choosing the best exercises that match your goals will work 100 times better than sporadically exercising.

Instead of going to the gym and hoping for the best, plan for success and structure your exercises, so that all of them have a specific purpose.

For help building a structured exercise program, work with a personal trainer and learn how to do things right.

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