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how to get a bigger butt

How To Get A Bigger Butt With Exercise

  • Does everything you try seem to work for a little bit, but then you stop seeing results?
  • Stop playing “monkey see, monkey do” on instagram and follow the advice in this Ebook.
  • Structure was exactly what Jess, one of my clients, was missing. Learn from her mistakes and learn how to get a bigger butt with exercise.
how to get a bigger butt

How To Get A Bigger Butt With Exercise

  • Does everything you try seem to work for a little bit, but then you stop seeing results?
  • Stop playing “monkey see, monkey do” on instagram and follow the advice in this Ebook.
  • Structure was exactly what Jess, one of my clients, was missing. Learn how we fixed her mistakes and got a bigger butt.

Here’s Jess’s Story And How We Fixed Her Mistakes

Jess came to me because she was wanted to get a bigger butt. She had tried multiple programs from people on instagram, but was frustrated because nothing was working. Jess felt like some parts of her body changed a little, but her target spots didn’t budge at all.

The best part of Jess’s progress was her halloween costume. Jess and her boyfriend dressed up as Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Jess got a nice dress and some “butt pads” to exaggerate her costume and make it funny.

On Halloween when she went to put the butt pads in, she couldn’t get them under her dress!

From working with me and following a customized exercise program based on her fitness goals, Jess actually built herself a “JLo booty”!

Here’s a picture from when we first started working together, and one 4 months later on Halloween.

When we were working together, Jess’s main goal was to work on her butt. She still wanted to work on other parts of her body as well, so we just organized the exercises in her program by priority.

Jess needed structure. Here are the 2 biggest mistakes she was making. In the ebook, you’ll learn how to fix these mistakes.


Mistake #1: Jess Was Doing All Of The Wrong Exercises

The first problem Jess had was that she was doing the wrong exercises. The program she bought on instagram was a template that didn’t reflect what she wanted.

Since Jess’s goal was to build a bigger butt, It didn’t make sense that 75% of the exercises in that template were for something else.

After writing out Jess’s goals and prioritizing them, we chose the best exercises for her.

Following an exercise program that you like makes going to the gym a lot more fun. (We also cut out a lot of the cardio Jess was doing because she was doing too much).

You’ll learn the exercises we used to get Jess her “JLo Booty” when you download “How To Get A Bigger Butt With Exercise”.

Mistake #2: Jess Was Using The Same Weight And Reps Every Workout

Jess’s second major problem was that she wasn’t progressing any of her exercises.

Day after day she followed the same template, but she didn’t increase the weights she was using.

Jess was under the impression that higher reps would help her tone faster, and that lifting heavy wouldn’t give her the slim look she wanted. She didn’t want to get bulky.

This was wrong, though.

Progress is what makes muscle look more tone. If you’re constantly using the same resistance, you’re guaranteed to hit a plateau.

“How To Get A Bigger Butt With Exercise” will teach you how to fix this problem by tracking “total volume”.

About The Author

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My name is Zack Miller and I am a personal trainer and online fitness coach. I’ve been helping people lose body fat and tone their bodies since 2011. I’m also a licensed massage therapist, and certified nutritionist.

What started out as a hobby for me turned into a dream-job. Now, I make my living by helping people just like you look their very best and feel awesome.

I’ve done everything from one-on-one training and group exercise classes, to managing and mentoring other fitness trainers. I’ve worked in multiple gyms and worked as an in-home personal trainer, where I brought my services to my client’s homes. How cool is that?

Now, I work with people in my gym, and I work with people remotely through the internet.


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I wanted to get a bigger booty, but all I was doing in the gym when I went was cardio. I would run on the treadmill for an hour each time I went. Following this advice was a game changer.

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Get a look at real success stories of other women just like you who got the booty they want. The best part is you can get the same results, too.

You’ll learn how to set proper goals for yourself, and never miss another workout again. Let’s get your motivation rolling with an email a day for the next week about how to develop your glutes.


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Unit 2: Education

In my bonus email course, you’ll learn a bunch of new exercises to help you make your hips wider. You’ll also learn how they all work together. The only thing you’ll need is a gym membership and a ride to the gym.

Instead of doing things randomly and hoping they’ll help you fill out your lower half, you’ll learn exercises that are guaranteed to work. You just have to do them.

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Unit 3: Consistency

Lastly, I’ll teach you two tricks that get every one of my clients to the gym consistently. With this information, you’ll learn how to build habits that support glute development.

All you’ll need to do is learn this information and apply it when you go to the gym. Focus on what you want and create the structure to get there. If you follow the advice in this email course, you’ll get results. Period.


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