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How do you choose the best diet for weight loss and toning up?

The best diet is the one that you’ll stick to long enough to change your habits. A good idea is to set goals for no less than three months since habits don’t change overnight. You won’t see results overnight, either.

There are dozens of diets that are popular throughout the fitness and weight loss industry. When you look at popular diets for commonalities, two things stick out the most. Every diet that helps people lose weight is low in calories compared to your normal lifestyle.

Second, successful diets are also high in protein. Diets that are high in protein help you tone while you’re losing weight.

How does protein tone muscles?

The only way to lose body fat is by eating less calories; this isn’t debatable. The problem is, when you’re dieting you also set yourself up to lose muscle as well as body fat.

Eating less calories will help you lose weight, but the composition of those calories (protein, fat and carbs) will influence where that weight loss comes from; either your fat or your muscle.

When you’re losing weight, you want to lose as little muscle as possible during the process. Muscle is what gives your body a firm shape and a lean figure. By eating more protein while you’re in a calorie deficit, you lose less muscle.

What’s the next step?

The first thing I always recommend is to start building awareness of your current diet habits. Basically, you need to figure out what foods aren’t helping, and learn strategies for limiting them.

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