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Ask One Of My Satisfied Clients, Ana.

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“My goal was to be able to build up my upper body to be able to do a pullup. Working with Zack has made me become more aware of being healthy not only in the gym but outside of the gym. I started eating healthier so I can obtain the best results. Zack celebrates each small achievement to keep me motivated.”

It had been a few years since Ana was swimming and dancing competitively. Instead of pushing her in the pool and seeing what happened, we found her starting point and structured an exercise program to get her to her above the pullup bar.

My Name Is Zack Miller

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I am a personal trainer and online fitness coach. I’ve been helping people lose body fat and tone their bodies since 2011. I’m also a licensed massage therapist, and certified nutritionist.

What started out as a hobby for me turned into a dream-job. Now, I make my living by helping people just like you look their very best and feel awesome.

I’ve done everything from one-on-one training and group exercise classes, to managing and mentoring other fitness trainers. I’ve worked in multiple gyms and worked as an in-home personal trainer, where I brought my services to my client’s homes. How cool is that?

Now, I work with people in my gym, and I work with people remotely through the internet.

How Online Fitness Coaching Works

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Step 1: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

First thing’s first, let’s get to know each other and make sure we’re on the same page. I want to know all of your goals, and I want to know more about your exercise experience.

The more I know about what you want out of having an online fitness coach, the better I can help you. This way, I can customize your experience for exactly what you want.

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Step 2: I’ll Build Your Fitness Program

After I know more about what you want to get from working with me, and I know more about your exercise experience, I’ll build your program.

Everything will be custom fit for your goals, and because of this it’ll be much more effective than following a template. Want a better butt? You got it. Want tone arms? Deal.

Once I’ve designed your exercise program, I’ll deliver it to you through the Trainerize mobile app.

  • Available on Apple and Android so you can track your sets as you’re working out
  • Advanced progress tracking with charts and graphs to prevent you from plateauing
  • Syncs with popular apps like Fitbit and Myfitnesspal to track your weight and diet
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Step 3: Unlimited Support, Program Updates and Accountability

Every sunday you’ll be sent an email to check-in with me weekly. Here, you’ll schedule your workouts for the week so you don’t miss any. If you can’t book them Sunday… I want to know why.

The beauty of this is you can go to the gym when it fits your schedule, instead of trying to work around mine.

Got any questions? Just send me an email and I’ll help you. If your program needs adjustments I’ll make them, and then notify you when the changes have been made.

If you have any questions about your form, just record yourself and send me the video. If after that, you still can’t get it, we can just change the exercise for one that works better for you.

Who Can Benefit From Online Fitness Coaching?

Put simply, online coaching is not for beginners. I can’t teach you how exercises are supposed to feel through the internet, and you could get hurt. If you’re new to working out in the gym, come see me in person instead.

With that being said, you should have a sense of technique already. If you’re not familiar with exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges; or you’re not familiar with dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines, see me in person instead.

Online fitness coaching is for people who are looking to get better results in less time. If that’s you, let’s get started.

What’s The Difference Between An Online Fitness Coach And A Personal Trainer?

Having a personal trainer gives you the convenience of having someone right next to you. An in-person trainer can make form adjustments for you in real-time, and also track your exercises for you in a notebook. Working with an online fitness coach, or “online personal trainer” is completely different.

Working with an online personal trainer is a different service, and a completely different experience. It’s also for different people. Beginners tend to be better off working with someone in-person. More experienced gym-goers benefit more from working with an online fitness coach.

  • With an online personal trainer, you can work out on your own time, instead of playing schedule tag with a trainer in person.
  • You can get the quality exercise programming with an online coach, and not need someone following you around counting your reps in your ear.
  • You can work with a more experienced coach, instead of paying top dollar for a newbie at your local gym.

To work with an online coach, you should be confident with your exercise technique. I can make some adjustments by looking at videos you send me, but I can’t teach beginners proper form through the internet.

How Can You Coach Me Through The Internet?

The goal of online fitness coaching is to help you create structure and consistency in your exercise programs. You’ll also learn how to measure and track your progress without the help of someone else. Here’s more information:

Online Fitness Coaching Software

Using Trainerize, a software for online personal trainers, I can deliver and monitor your exercise programs. You’ll have videos of every exercise in your program, and every weight, set and rep will be tracked in Trainerize.

Email Support

We’ll communicate via Email. Every week, you’ll be sent a “check-in questionnaire” that will ask you which days you’ll be going to the gym for the upcoming week. Your check-in will also ask you questions about how your previous week went. This way, I can make adjustments to your program as you need them. Every week I’ll respond to your check-in with feedback, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Tracking Progress Pictures

Trainerize will also serve as a hub for your progress pictures. Every month you’ll take progress pictures and add them to your account. For more information, you can read my guide, how to take progress pictures.

Tracking Body Measurements

Since you won’t have someone in person to take your measurements for you, you’ll need to take them yourself. Using a tape measure to track where your body is changing will help us know if your program is working. If it’s not, we’ll have a good idea of what needs to change. Here’s my guide to taking body measurements by yourself. It’s written for weight loss, but the techniques can be used by anyone.

Other Progress Tracking Methods

There are several other ways we can track your progress. Depending on your goals, certain methods will be more important than others. Since my online personal training business is 100% customized to your individual needs, we’ll discuss which methods best align with your individual goals. Here are the other methods you can use to track your progress.


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Zack taught me how to structure my exercises programs better. Because of this, my squat went up 30lbs in 3 months, and my legs look amazing. Thanks again!

I Needed New Pants

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My weight loss went really well working with Zack. I needed to buy new pants, it was ridiculous! My pull ups have gotten much better and I'm much stronger. Zack really changed my views on working out in a short time. I approach everything differently now.

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  • Get the bikini body you want, and look your best in pictures.
  • Save the time and frustration of trying to do it yourself, and get better results in less time.
  • Exercise on your own schedule with the help and guidance of a professional.
  • Use the button below to apply for for a free 30 minute gym-strategy phone call.

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