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Dear Neighbor,

My name is Zack Miller, and I am a personal trainer in Cranford. I’ve been helping locals lose body fat and tone their bodies since 2011. I’m also a licensed massage therapist, and certified nutritionist.

What started out as a hobby for me turned into a dream-job. Now, I make my living by helping people just like you look their very best and feel awesome.

I’ve done everything from one-on-one training and group exercise classes, to managing and mentoring other fitness trainers. I’ve worked in multiple gyms in Union County and worked as an in-home personal trainer, where I brought my services to my client’s homes. How cool is that?

But I wasn’t always a personal fitness trainer.

I used to HATE the way I looked.

I was so insecure about it, too.

My arms looked like toothpicks, and and my chest looked like an 8-year old’s. Girls didn’t talk to me, and I was too scared to talk to them.

But after I added 30lbs of tone muscle, my confidence and overall self-esteem shot through the roof.

I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, and I look good in it.

However, transforming my body wasn’t easy. I didn’t know where to start, or what to do.

I’ve hurt my back lifting weights that were too heavy for me.

I ALWAYS wished I had a gym partner to check my technique to prevent this, but they were always unreliable.

I’ve had periods of time where I’d step on the scale every day and it wouldn’t budge. I can’t even count the times the scale moved in the wrong direction and it seemed like starting over.

I’ve read nonsense articles on the internet for guidance, only to find out later that their advice was very wrong. This stalled my progress, and was VERY discouraging.

I’ve tried what seems like every supplement on the market, and every diet in existence. I blew so much money on this stuff.

With so much conflicting information on the internet, it was REALLY hard to find out who I could trust.

There have been so many moments where I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, and I wish I could have just hired my own fitness trainer from the start!

 Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I always was so afraid to get in front of cameras because I didn’t like how the pictures looked. More specifically, I didn’t like how I looked in the pictures.
  • My upper body didn’t look good, so I stayed away from sleeveless shirts in the summer. I didn’t have anything worth showing off anyway.
  • Dating was also a complete disaster. I didn’t have the confidence to talk to someone I didn’t know. Especially if I was attracted to them. What if my crush wasn’t attracted to me?

Here’s an old picture of myself so you can see what I’m talking about.

personal trainer cranford

Then my life changed for good. Physically AND professionally.

After getting my first fitness certification, I learned how to create exercise programs that would get me the body I wanted.

I finally stopped mindlessly following what other people were doing, and started doing what worked best for me.

I’ve since take that knowledge from my first certification, expanded on it and developed a system I use to get you your dream body.

This works way better than trying every Instagram exercise and failing over and over and over.

workout trainer westfield

I’ve come up with a system for creating personalized exercises programs that consistently get my clients firm abs, toned arms and great legs. This system has become the essence of what makes my service as a fitness professional so unique.

Say goodbye to random workouts you saw online somewhere.

End your obsession over the body of your favorite celebrity.

Stop doing questionable exercises you saw someone else doing at the gym.

Jess wanted a bigger butt, and now she’s definitely got it!

She came to be because she was doing hours of cardio each week. She was using  an exercise program from someone on instagram, but was frustrated because nothing was working. Jess felt like some parts of her body changed a little, but her target spots didn’t budge at all.

The best part of Jess’s progress was her halloween costume. Jess and her boyfriend dressed up as Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Jess got a nice dress and some “butt pads” to exaggerate her costume and make it funny.

On Halloween when she went to put the butt pads in, she couldn’t get them under her dress!

From working with me and following a customized exercise program based on her fitness goals, Jess actually built herself a “JLo booty”!

Here’s a picture from when we first started working together, and one 4 months later on Halloween.

client testimonial

When we were working together, Jess’s main goal was to work on her butt. She still wanted to work on other parts of her body as well, so we just organized the exercises in her program by priority.

Here’s a screenshot from one phase of Jess’s program. I came up with this using the system I created to put together customized workout programs.

customized exercise program

Here’s a look at the system I used to get Jess her “JLo Booty”.

personal fitness trainer clark

The first step is to write out all of your goals. If your workout program isn’t based on your personal fitness goals, then it isn’t the right program for you. For Jess, we prioritized exercises that helped her build a bigger butt since that was her main goal.

fitness trainer garwood

The second step is to find the exercises that are the most specific to your goals. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook this very important step in favor of something they saw someone else doing at the gym. Jess was using a template she bought from someone online. The reason she didn’t see the progress she wanted, was because these were the wrong exercises for her goals!

union personal training

The third step is all about progress. If your exercise routine looks exactly the same in three months, we have a problem. If you want to keep moving towards your goals, you need to challenge yourself. As Jess got stronger, we changed her exercises for more challenging variations. This is a BIG part of why she saw such great results in so little time.

roselle park fitness trainer

The fourth step is about being consistent. Not just having good gym attendance, but also consistently progressing your exercise program that is made from the best exercises for your goals. Every session, I tracked Jess’s exercises in a Notebook. This way, I was able to change them as she was ready for new exercises that would further progress her booty-progress.

scotch plains workout training

Lastly, the fifth step is arguably the most important one. Exercising in the gym has to be fun. If you don’t enjoy going to the gym, you’ll never be able to make a habit of it. Goodbye summer beach body 🙁

As you can see, there is a BIG difference between “random” and “custom”.

These concepts are based on scientific principles, and based on my years of experience exercising on my own, and training people in fitness centers and health clubs. They’re infinitely better than trying to learn from your “friend who knows his stuff”.

Your exercise program is literally the foundation for achieving your goals.

  • Imagine yourself being happy with a picture on the first try. You know, look good from any camera at any angle.
  • Whether it’s designer fashion or sweats and uggs, you’ll look good wearing anything, anywhere.
  • Instead of starting awkward conversation with the opposite sex, let’s get your crush walking up to you and putting in all the effort.

Tone Body Fitness is my “one man band” fitness training service.

As you could imagine, that makes my schedule limited. I can only work with a handful of dedicated clients out of the 1000’s of gym-goers in Union County and the surrounding.

I don’t work with more than 20 people at a time.

Because of this, I can only accept a MAXIMUM of two new clients per month (Sometimes I can only take on one new client per month).

So what does a transformation like this cost?

You don’t need to spend over $10,000 worth of education like I did.

You don’t need to spend almost a decade of gaining experience working out and teaching others.

You also don’t need to waste time and money on fads and gimmicks that won’t work.

Instead, as your fitness coach I can teach you on a month-to-month basis.

That means I won’t lock you into a long term contract. If you want to stop training, you can stop at any time.

Today, I will buy you one hour of my time.

If you’re ready to steal the spotlight any time someone walks by with a camera,

Or look amazing in a bikini, sleeveless dress, your boyfriend’s shorts,

Or see some serious progress like Jess did…

Use the button below to try one free personal training session with me and get started on your bikini body.

What’s the catch? Why give a complimentary session?

This way we can sit down and go over your goals, so we’re both on the same page. I want to build a program for you based on exactly what you want your body to look like.

You’ll also get a chance to see if you like working with me.

During your complimentary session, I’ll teach you four of the best exercises for your goals and I’ll even show you how to progress them.

Your first session is complimentary so you can see how this works and why this works.

Here’s my price guide so you can see what personal training costs after your first session.

Camera Ready

  • Customized Exercise Program
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Monthly Progress Tracking
  • Online Scheduling
  • 4 1-Hour Sessions Per Month

Bikini Body

  • Customized Exercise Program
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Monthly Progress Tracking
  • Online Scheduling
  • 8 1-Hour Sessions Per Month

Attract Your Crush

  • Customized Exercise Program
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Monthly Progress Tracking
  • Online Scheduling
  • 12 1-Hour Sessions Per Month

Thanks for checking out my website, and thanks for taking the first step towards becoming a “new you”. I hope to hear from you soon, and can’t wait to get started on crushing your fitness goals.

Your friend,
Zack Miller

Personal Training Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Zack Is Spectacular

5 5 1
If your ready to make a change and get in the best shape of your life Zack is the man to get you there. These past few month Zack tought me everything I needed to know in a fun and exciting way, that I never missed a single day of training with him. When I first started I told Zack exactly what I wanted to accomplish and he was able to design a perfect workout routine to get me there. I am so happy with my ongoing results, he is the only trainer I would ever reccomend. So if your ready to have some fun and get in shape while doing it, Zack is the man with the plan and the deffinet way to go.

I really like working with Zack

5 5 1
I figured I would try a personal fitness trainer to help keep me motivated and reach my workout goals. My goal was to be able to build up my upper body to be able to do a pullup. I wanted to be more fit and build up muscle instead of just being thin. Working with Zack has made me become more aware of being healthier not only in the gym but outside of the gym. I started to change my diet to eat healthier so I can obtain the best results. I learned I needed more protein in my diet and that carbs aren't the enemy. Zack has also helped me become more aware of the details of each exercise I do by describing each part of the body the exercise works out and the proper form. He helped me realize some of my weak points in certain exercises I did; he helped me correct my form and strengthen those weak points. I learned how to target the right muscles groups in each exercise I do. Now I am able to properly do squats, pushups, and deadlifts. Though he does pick on me a lot with all his jokes, he keeps each session entertaining and fun. He celebrates each small achievement, keeps me motivated, and is passionate about helping me progress.

Tone Body Fitness is located at Strength and Fitness Club on South Avenue.

My clients visit from other locations in Union County to get to their fitness goals:

  • Cranford
  • Clark
  • Westfield
  • Garwood
  • Union
  • Roselle Park
  • Scotch Plains and More

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Tone Body Fitness
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